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EarthBound Books is a grass-roots publishing house based in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Everyone associated with our company lives and works in the Berkshires; editors, layout designers, artists, writers, printer…even our bankers live in these beautiful mountains.

Our Mission Statement is a simple one. EarthBound Books is dedicated to the health and regeneration of the planet. We will publish only those books that in some way help to enlighten, educate, inform, and motivate our readers to make quantum changes in their thinking and consciousness.

Albert Einstein once said that to do the same thing over and over and expect different results is the definition of insanity.

We at EarthBound want to find new and creative ways of solving the planet’s many problems. We are committed to the idea that small business is the heart of America and that the healthy future of our country (and our world) is in the hands of independent presses. Small, free presses started the American Revolution and brought down slavery, and we believe that by taking an egalitarian, earth-friendly approach to publishing, we can help rewrite the world’s corporate equation which now benefits the few rather than embracing the needs of the many.