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Nathan Smith

The poetry of Nathan Smith has been heard in a variety of venues: the Hammond Museum, Amherst’s Jones Library, Bard College, Searles Castle, the Albert Schweitzer Cntr., Simon’s Rock College, Camp Hill, and WinterFest. His poems have been featured on “The Great Awakening” radio program, published in The Berkshire Review, Journal for Anthroposophy, The Artful Mind, and New Visions. He has been a guest on WBCR’s “In the Spirit of Play” and “Healer’s Connect.” Composer Patrick Gubler incorporated some of Smith’s Text from “Sermon to the Birds” into an original choral piece conducted by Newell Jenkins. Smith also contributed choral lyrics to composer Larry Wallach’s commissioned piece in celebration of the Housatonic River, “River Hymn.”

He has recently written a monologue concerning Thoreau’s incarceration for tax resistance over the Mexican War for the Barrington Performing Arts. Smith has taught workshops at SUNY, Fox Hollow, Troy’s LEEP Program, and done several residencies in Albany area school systems.

He has written and illustrated a multi-generational fairy tale in verse entitled, “Where Are All The Dragons?” which was performed live with original music.

Other artistics credits include creating the comic strip “After The Fact” for the newspaper Fresh Ink, illustrating for The Kids’ Onion, Worcester County Poetry Association, Experiment With Travel, ESOL Curriculum Resource, Instructors’ Guide to ESOL Communication Training, and appearing as the featured artist in the University of Massachusetts’ “Collegiate.”

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