Ruin, Book Three: The City in the Sea

Hidden deep in the rugged fastnesses of the Rocky Mountains, lies the valley of Beori, a gentle Utopian society for whom violence is anathema. Established in the 21st Century by progressive idealists bent on preserving  civilization in the event of a planetary catastrophe, Beori exists now, one thousand years after a nuclear holocaust, as mankind’s best hope for an enlightened future. OURN ROHLVAAG, President of the ecologically self-sufficient nation, is facing the gravest crisis of her political career when her nieces and nephews return home with DEKE WOLFSON, a stranger from Outside who has saved their lives, and who, she suspects, will change her people and world forever.

            Deke is the son and heir of a powerful warlord who controls a sizable area in the northeast region of the former United States. His mother (a gifted healer, shaman, and psychic adept) has trained him in her order’s esoteric practice of reality manipulation. His father has trained him to be a leader of fighting men. His psychic abilities make him aware that reincarnation exists and that he has been born to make reparation on a karmic debt incurred during his last life, when as the arch-terrorist GENERAL MUHAMMAD TABARI, he was responsible for the destruction of the Earth.

            Reparation won’t be easy, because although the mini-Ice Age of the Nuclear Winter has ended, his world is one of ruins and radiation, with dangers everywhere. Varieties of creatures prowl the apocalyptic landscape. There are mutated predator species, devolved human savages, and a terrifying new menace: incorporeal beings of a totally alien nature whose hunger for the living energy of Earth’s life forms threatens to eradicate everything that exists.

            RUIN is the epic story of Deke’s quest for personal redemption as he strives, with his people and Beori’s, to defeat these deadly, emotional succubi and set the Earth and humanity on a life-affirming path into the future.

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